I don’t want to talk about masks anymore

I don’t want to talk about masks anymore

When the pandemic started, I got back into Twitter. And every damn morning when I look at Twitter, I see the following tweets even though we are months into a global, once-in-a-lifetime pandemic:

“Doctor So-and-so explains the importance of wearing masks!”

“OH Dept. of Health shows the proper way to wear a mask!”

“WHO states that wearing a mask helps prevent COVID019!”

Every. Single Day.

My question is this: Why, for fuck’s sake, do we continually need a third grade diagram and explanation to show us how to wear a mask and why? We have topped millions of cases in this country, and it’s honestly amazing that people still don’t understand how or why to wear a damn piece of cloth over their face.

The time has come: I don’t want to talk about masks anymore.

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