IGTV Schedule

Every Tuesday is #trainingtiptuesday on Instagram TV! Check out the schedule:

  • 7/3: How To Get Faster, Safely: The top three ways to train for speed and keep yourself injury free.
  • 7/10: Run Long, Run Safe: Essential gear to keep you safe on your runs as well as a recap of RRCA safety guidelines.
  • 7/17: Beat The Heat: When temperatures hit 90s and humidity is at 100%, it’s time to think about your hydration plan and beyond.
  • 7/24: Beware of “Training” Apps: There’s just one issue with apps like C25K – in the words of Randy Accetta, “Everyone’s couch is different.” Don’t lose yourself to a genetic app.
  • 7/31: Energy Gel Alternatives: Gels are full of sugar and other junk. Learn which options provide you with the carbs and sugar you need minus the other fillers.
  • 8/7: Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt: Breathng techniques are the difference between a DNF and a PR. Learn how to inhale PRs, exhale negative splits.
  • 8/14: Not All Courses Are The Same: Training on flat areas and registering for a race full of hills? Not good. Learn what to look for on a course and find one that matches your training and ability.
  • 8/21: Foam Roll Like A Boss: Foam rolling sucks but it’s essential to your recovery. There’s a right and wrong way to do it.