Run Coach Picks: Last Minute Gifts For The Runners In Your Life (Amazon Prime!)

Run Coach Picks: Last Minute Gifts For The Runners In Your Life (Amazon Prime!)

I’m a Black Friday goer. I love it! I am at my first step by 5:00 am Friday morning along with a map that shows me how to make all of my stops without having to make any left turns (totally serious — I live in a shopping hub, so this is necessary).

It never fails, though — there are always a few last minute gifts that I’ve forgotten about. This year, I’m making it easy to snag last minute gifts for the runners in your life! And if you order them TODAY (12/21) from Amazon, you will almost definitely get them by Christmas Eve. All of them are Prime, and you can get them gift-wrapped to cut down on hassle (make sure you choose the wrapping option when you checkout!).

These are items that I have used myself for many years OR items that my athletes rave about. Now, get shopping before it’s too late!

Nathan Sports Handheld 12oz Water Bottle w/Pouch

I love having one of these for long runs, and at 12oz, it’s not too clunky to carry. The pouch is big enough to carry pepper spray, gels and gummies, keys, or a couple NUUN Hydration tablets. CLICK HERE to view colors and purchase.

Amphipod AirFlow Running Belt

My favorite aspect of this belt is that the sizing is adjustable. I have tried a multitude of running belts, and I had how some of them cannot be adjusted! This one has a comfortable, adjustable strap. Also, this is the ONLY belt I’ve tried that doesn’t ride up or down. This thing stays put! The mesh pouch is breathable, and it expands quite a bit to hold way more than meets the eye. CLICK HERE to view colors and purchase.

UnderArmour “Runderwear” for Women

They have them for men, too — but I can’t attest to how those ones fit or feel, LOL. I love these “rundies” for women because they are seemless, breathable, wash well, prevent the growth of sweaty bacteria, and very comfortable. CLICK HERE to view colors and purchase.

Nike Running ThermaSphere Neck Warmer

One of the best investments I’ve made is this neck warmer. I bought it on a whim, and I love it! It’s not bulky, so it fits nicely under a collared running shirt. It’s also easy to pull it over your mouth/nose. I find it super helpful during those runs where bouts of winds keep eating my face. CLICK HERE to view colors and purchase.

NUUN Hydration Sport Variety Pack

I only drink ONE sports drink: NUUN! If my workout makes me sweat, NUUN hydration is a necessity. I especially love the NUUN Sport, and I drink it both during and after my workouts (especially during the summer). I love NUUN because of the great taste, low sugar, and ZERO artificial sweeteners. Plus, you can break the tablets in half if you’re not in the mood for a 16oz after your long run (been there, lol). CLICK HERE to check out the flavors and purchase.

If you’re looking for a last minute runner-friendly gift, I hope these help! Happy holidays!



This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you purchase something via the links in this post. For more information on affiliate marketing and responsibilities, please view this document published by the FTC.

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