Thrive Thirty! A Brief Introduction

Thrive Thirty! A Brief Introduction

Lately I have been thinking about how to bring more value to my audience. Most of my followers (over 2k on this blog and 9k on the Gram!) are moms who are athletic. I kept going through ideas in my head about what content I can produce that is easy to understand, implement, and share…

…and it hit me one night: Thrive Thirty.

Thrive Thirty is a new part of my blog that will focus on different aspects of life and motherhood that can be implemented or learned within thirty minutes or less. This new series will give you ways to thrive in thirty! Here are some examples of what to expect:

  • Meals, clothes, and activities that cost $30 or less
  • Recipes that take 30 minutes or less from prep to plate
  • Workouts and running drills within the 30 minute mark
  • Activities and ways to bond with your children within 30 minutes
  • Anything else that involves 30 and under
  • A podcast with inspiring stories of women who thrive (and yes, you guessed it, the podcast episodes will be 30 minutes)

I would love to know what you’d like to see! Most of us are very busy, and as a mom of three kids who is constantly on the go (and I mean CONSTANTLY — I drive at least 2 hours per day during the week on top of all of my other responsibilities).


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