PGH Marathon Update |About that hay that should be in the barn…

PGH Marathon Update |About that hay that should be in the barn…

On yesterday’s Instagram post, you probably imagined a burnt-out Courtney. I’m not talking about well-done…I mean…at this point, I am extra crispy and someone forgot me in the oven.

Screw it. Ya girl is CHARRED.

The marathon is May 5, and I am starting to get cold feet. I’m nervous. I’m afraid. I’m currently battling a cold and barely sleeping at night because my kids are sick and #momlife.

Logically, I feel like running 26.2 miles in a few weeks is the worst idea ever. But damn you, 26.2 — every time I feel like giving up because of a nagging pain/illness/burnout…you find a way to keep me hanging on.

This, my friends, is marathon training.

At this point, marathon training resembles Sour Patch Kids: First it’s sour, then it’s sweet. Seriously! This training nearly kills me in a variety of ways, and then I’m fine two days later. I’m not an excuses person, so I won’t give up on this marathon unless I am putting my health at risk. So far, that isn’t the case. I’ve come way too far to just give up. If I were writing this months ago, I may just switch to the half. But come on…I have been on my feet for over 3 hours at least three times. I know I can finish the damn race.

After running 16 miles about two weeks ago, I truly felt like I put myself out of training. I tried to run the next day and my legs just wouldn’t go. Then another day passed. And another day. And more days. I had this nagging pain in my hamstring that told me to slow the F down.

I thought I was done.

Then, I ran three miles and the pain was gone. Of course, I was happy! But I was also slighted because 26.2 is a straight-up tease at this point: “Hey you’re injured!” “JUST KIDDING! Get the hell back on the treadmill. We ain’t got all day.”

Based on my recent race results, VDOT predicts I’ll run a 4:30. Part of me feels like there is no way that is happening, and the other part of me feels like I may end up surprising myself. The unknown is scary sometimes.

Over the next few weeks, I plan to use some visualization strategies. Visualization during training and racing can make a big difference, and instead of visualizing me crawling to the finish after 7 hours, I’ll visualize finish the race in a 4:30 (whether or not that is possible at this point).

So, I guess I’m tapering, then. I’m not running for hours upon hours anymore because quite frankly, I don’t want to – and I don’t know that it has any benefit at this point. The race is a few weeks ago. What is another three hours on my feet going to do other than make me burn out more and fall victim to over-training?

This is it, friends. That hay we always talk about? Some is in the barn, some fell off the truck, some is lost forever…oh well.

Here we go.

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