It’s Official: DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Needs A Spot On Your Spring Race Calendar

It’s Official: DICK’s Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Needs A Spot On Your Spring Race Calendar

The bad news: Pittsburgh is full of hills as well as bridges that have just enough uphill grade to force you out of breath…

The good news: You will likely never find a more family-friendly, supportive race out there. I am a first time marathoner, and I am asked quite a bit why I didn’t pick a “beginner course.” Well, because I’d rather be in the Pittsburgh Marathon atmosphere than any other.

I’m running the Pittsburgh Marathon because I want the challenge and I adore that it’s such of a family weekend! And, you’d love it to.

But don’t take it just from me Check out what the other DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon Official Bloggers have to say about the wonderful weekend of race events:

Official Blogger Deanna (half marathon)

For Deanna, one of the best parts of the Pittsburgh Marathon is the crowd support as well as the inclusivity of the Pittsburgh running community. “I love running during the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend because of this city’s amazing sense of community. Every runner (and spectator and volunteer) is so friendly and welcoming. Whether you run a 7:30 or 12:30 pace, everyone belongs and cheers one another on. Plus, our views can’t be beat!” Read more about Deanna’s training on her blog: PRetty In PGH.


Official Blogger Armando (full marathon)

Armando grew up as the son of a Pittsburgh sports fan. When he visited Pittsburgh for the first time, he was hooked. Armando is running for deeply rooted reasons and wants to support the Pittsburgh community: “The City of Pittsburgh has only been healing for a few short months from a senseless tragedy. While many only offer their thoughts and prayers, I want to do more. Running 26.2 miles might not solve this country’s problems, but maybe doing it alongside runners of all skin colors, religions, races and sexual orientations is a good start. This is arguably one of Pittsburgh’s most important marathons since its return in 2009, and I needed to be a part of it.” You can read more in the original entry on Armando’s blog: Barefoot BF Running.


Official Blogger Becky (half marathon)

When Becky makes her way to the start line during the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend, she notes that it’s a city-wide celebration: “Pittsburgh is a city full of people with grit – people who have overcome obstacles, people who are working through their challenges, and people who celebrate it all. When the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events rolls around, the city comes out in droves to show off that grit. There are the people cheering on the sidelines, the P3R Events staff working long hours through all kinds of weather, and the runners who are moving to make it across the finish line regardless of what challenges they faced in training. I love this city so much for our grit and passion – something I’ve yet to find in any other place I’ve lived or ran in!” Read more on Becky’s Blog: Mrs. Greg Willis.


Official Blogger Brandi (half marathon)

Among the history of the city as well as the welcoming treatment Pittsburgh provides to out-of-towners, Brandi loves the bling: “Of course I love the bling, I mean, who doesn’t love the feeling of some hard earned hardware draped around your neck at the finish line?  Trust me when I say that the Pittsburgh Marathon knows how to do medals! Each year’s bling was pretty awesome.” Read more of this entry on Brandi’s blog: Funner Runner.


That’s a pretty legit lineup! Also, more bad news…prices increase at midnight tonight. But other good news! You can register using code POULLASDSGPM19 for $10 off the full or half. And don’t forget to register for the annual Half Marathon Kickoff Run (fo freeee!).


Peace, Love, Running, and Yins –


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