Elf On The Mom Shame Shelf

Elf On The Mom Shame Shelf

It’s true. Elf On The Shelf has become the new “do you breastfeed or use formula” mom-shaming question that comes about just in time for the holidays: “Do you use the elf-on-the-shelf?” I always think cautiously before answer because I know that choosing a side is pretty much the equivalent of choosing a Detroit gang to roll with. Based on my answer, I’m either in or out. I’m part of the big group in the preschool drop off, or I’m the mom who doesn’t get out of her car.

There are blogs DEDICATED to talking moms out of #teamelf.

All this because of a plastic elf thing that is supposed to be fun for children.

So, elf-on-the-mom-shaming-shelf haters…I have a few words for ya.

Image result for anti elf on the shelf meme

Look, we get it, okay? The whole Elf thing is a lot of work that continues for days on end of we choose to engage. We have read the many reasons and updates you’ve provided in between posting photos of your latest Christmas movie marathon and sipping wine out of a new holiday glass (very original). When scrolling through our Facebook newsfeed, we have become completely educated that even thinking of joining #teamelf is a detriment to our free-time and may cut yoga short in an effort to perfectly dissolve Skittles in a bowl of water that is under close watch by The Elf.

My question isn’t regarding the validity of any of those points; my question is this: Why. Do. You. Care. So. Much? Why are you campaigning against mothers doing something fun with their kids around christmas? Instead of singing Christmas carols, you’re bombarding us with your useless opinion about a Christmas activity and in turn, that opinion ends up compartmentalizing us and makes us feel like shit.

Wait, stop right there – put down your phone before you make that post about “Pinterest moms” because I have an answer to that question: You care so much because you have something to prove, whatever that may be. That you’re a good mom despite your anti-elf agenda? That you are still involved with your kids even though you don’t move-setup-repeat with a figurine for days on end? That you’re “totally confident” in your decisions as a mother? Newsflash: No one really cares. No one really cares that you don’t put an elf in random places within your home, so maybe you shouldn’t care that others do.

I can’t take it anymore. Your overused, distorted “anti-elf” graphics. The weird, awkward Facebook status updates that you use to proclaim which “side” you are on (soon you’ll be wearing red or green camo to outwardly display your anti elf solidarity – just you wait).

This season, I beg of you – drop the judgement. Stop being the person who, right before your friend is about to build a fake elf-tent out of marshmallows and pretzels and tissues, makes other moms question the simple joy they receive from a child who ACTUALLY BELIEVES that the damn elf moved on its own. I’m not asking for much, right? I’m asking you to spread more cheer than judgement. That is all.

One thought on “Elf On The Mom Shame Shelf

  1. I love this. We have a little elf that I made for a total of about $7. It looks nothing like an elf, but the kids have fun. This year, my two daughters are old enough that they do all of the elf hiding for their younger brother, who pretends like he is scared of the elf. It’s all fun for us, but you’re right–who the hell (else) cares?


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