Running on Weight Watchers Check-in

Running on Weight Watchers Check-in

So many of you have kept up with my journey of running through all 40 weeks of pregnancy, and you’ve continued to keep up with my journey back to my typical size (lolol that belly I had tho) and my typical pace. I chose Weight Watchers to help me get past my halfway point, and it’s one of the best postpartum decisions I’ve made.

Why Weight Watchers and not one of these other “things” that’s out there? It’s a pretty simple answer.

Weight Watchers isn’t a diet.

Let me say it once more, a little louder, for people who didn’t hear me: Weight Watchers isn’t a diet. It isn’t a method of cutting food out, doing a weird cleanse, replacing food with liquids, or any of that junk. It’s actually pretty simple to follow, and it’s more of a “makeover” than a diet.

Weight Watchers is based on a points system. Different foods are worth different points. Bread and white carbs are a bit high in them; fried food is way high. But with 200 “no points” foods (most of which are lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables), it’s really easy to stay inside your points bracket and you are never hungry. Legit, you are NOT hungry on WW!

There are a couple of things I LOVE most about this as a distance runner:

  • You are rewarded with “fit points” for exercising, including running and walking. Fit Points will add up over a week’s time and you can spend them on whatever you want. I do not eat my Fit Points during the week because I like to stay pretty regimented and inside my 23 daily points, but giiiirl…when long run Sunday comes along, you bet I have a few of them if I’m craving a treat! Most weeks, I don’t use any because several of my snacks are anywhere from 1-3 points.
  • You don’t cut anything out that you don’t want to cut out, including carbs. I’m going to be training for a marathon starting next week, and there is really no way in hell I would cut carbs. Sorry keto – I prefer something more sustainable! Like I always say – carbs are your body’s preferred source of energy, and I will NOT go on a long run without carbs. The key is not to over-do them, and that’s where WW comes in.

All in all, I LOVE WW so far. I don’t feel deprived, and I am losing the rest of my baby weight at a healthy pace. I’m only sixteen lbs away from my WW goal, and you bet I plan to keep up with this once I get to my “maintenance” period!

Last note: When I am losing baby weight, I tend to get a little bit crazy. I start barely eating certain food groups and being all weird. I end up starving. I think I have finally found something that is NOT that way, and I actually LOVE IT!

Between WW and running, I am bouncing back even faster than last time. If you’re looking for a sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off while still nourishing yourself as an endurance athlete, this is it!

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