This Is My View, and I Run Anyway

This Is My View, and I Run Anyway

Recently, someone made the comment that I have it all “put together so well.” Someone else asked me, “is there anything you don’t do?!” in a way that implied that I am supermom/superwife/supergirl.

Let me stop you right there: While these comments are flattering and I take them as compliments, I am actually a hot freaking mess. I choose what I want to rank as “most important” on my list and then I do those things. I do not, in anyway, have jackshit together. Trust me.

Today, let’s take a little tour of my postpartum house and the view I had when I walked a mile on my treadmill last night.

A few truths before we begin the tour:

  • My oldest child wore jeans to bed and didn’t brush his teeth Friday night. I sent everyone to bed because the baby was crying and I could #feelthepressure.
  • My daughter went to bed with blue icing all over her face and it took me approximately 42 hours to actually be annoyed enough by it to wash it off.
  • At any given time, there is likely a dirty diaper and/or 1-2 used nursing pads just waiting to find a home in the garbage time. I probably forget about them for at least one full day before doing anything about it.
  • I let my dog clean my dining room table. I.e., my kids left birthday cake on plates and I willingly coaxed the dog to eat it so I didn’t have to clean it up.

Any now, ladies and gents – the tour!


EXHIBIT A: My apparent “dining room.”

When I asked my daughter to clean up, her version of doing so is piling all the shit on top of each other until it’s all in one spot. I am too tired to care, so I just let her do it. My treadmill is across from this mess. I try not to look.

EXHIBIT B: The place we are supposed to eat, aka the dining room table, aka storage for cakes and other junk.

FYI: Those are the plates I let me dog “clean” for me. Normally, we eat at this table. That’s on hiatus for the next month or so I am sure. Pictured here are cakes that should have been put away and dishes that should be washed. Lots of olive oil everywhere, too. Lots. Of. Olive. Oil. Maybe I’ll try using it as furniture polish. #innovativeasfuck

EXHIBIT C: Living room, panoramic view.

I count a lot of things that are shifted the wrong way, can see dog hair about to waltz across the floor, and at least two boxes of garbage. And yet…this is the cleanest room in the house right now.

EXHIBIT D: Living room, close-up.

It turns out that the Diaper Genie box makes a great “table” to set baby blankets on. It also serves as a garbage can (who knew it could be so versatile? BOOM). I live in that chair right now, so I try to keep the small area around it clean. The Diaper Genie box was a welcome addition.


Let’s not pretend that early postpartum life is some kind of walk in the park. It isn’t. The newborn days are magical, and that’s what I choose to focus on. The rest can wait. But…while we are waiting, let’s not act like it isn’t messy. None of us have it all together! And I choose to walk a mile instead of doing dishes because #runnerlife.

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