Women in MLM Keep Blocking Me On Social Media For Asking A Simple Question

Women in MLM Keep Blocking Me On Social Media For Asking A Simple Question

I know that I can come across as what some may call “harsh” at times. I don’t really mind that, and I believe that “harsh” is actually just “to the point.”

The truth is that I’m not going to stand by and let people think that unsolicited sales pitches, a.k.a. old style telemarketing that is somehow being used in our modern social media world, is going to get them anywhere. I don’t care if I get blocked; what I really care about is that you don’t invest money and end up hating yourself because your “techniques” aren’t working.

All I’m doing is asking one very simple, yet pressing, question.

“Why didn’t you get to know me first?”

Does that sound harsh? No. Does it sound confrontational in the face of the millionth person asking me to join a 90 day hair, skin, and nails challenge? Yes. Confrontation isn’t bad. If you go about it the right way, it helps people identify what they may need or want to change. Mark my words: You are not going to get very far by doing this:

I didn’t “pop into your head.” You added me as a friend five minutes ago and you want to get another sale.
Ok, sure. I’m sure that I would be a great asset to helping you earn team members for a business that I know absolutely nothing about because you didn’t bother to tell me anything about it.
Keep in mind that this is the FIRST  message that someone sent me. She didn’t even explain the products to me, and she asked me to buy them and use them religiously for 90 effing days.
This woman is basically telling me she added me to get a sale an thinks I could make her money because I’m pretty darn good at social media content and development. 
I couldn’t reply because she blocked me for my typical question: WHY DIDN’T YOU GET TO KNOW ME FIRST?!


Random: Apparently September was my month to get #allthepitches. Anyway…

I want to know why people defend these messages by use excuses like “I’m just trying to make a living” or “I just wanted to make a new friend.” Really? Because I don’t reach out to new “friends” by asking them to buy my stuff before I even know anything about them.

My plea is that people stop running from the truth. Stop blocking me because I called you out on the crap that your upline or sponsor telling you “works.” It may work on one out of every 500 people. And I know what you’re thinking: “that’s one person, though!” Ok, fine – that’s one person for a sale or to join your team. I guess that means your “build a six figure business while your kid naps” theory is flawed, because reaching out to hundreds to people and getting one person to take the bait isn’t exactly efficient, eh?

Plus, the legalities of soliciting a pregnant woman to take 90 days worth of vitamins without even disclosing the ingredients immediately shows just how far and low you’re willing to go to make a sale. Careful there, dude – someone could sue you over the implications of suggesting what goes in a pregnant woman’s body. But you wouldn’t know that because your sponsor likely hasn’t educated you on the legal practices that come with owning a business.

The fact that people block me over asking a simple question speaks volumes. The system does not work. When I believe in something, I defend it. I don’t run. If I truly believe in my business model and my marketing methods and the products, I don’t get defensive and block people. Simple.

I encourage you to take a look at what you got yourself into and figure out if it’s really for you.

2 thoughts on “Women in MLM Keep Blocking Me On Social Media For Asking A Simple Question

    1. I don’t see anything wrong with building a network! I have become friends with a handful of women who added me and who eventually asked me to learn more about the business. Honestly though, they talked to me for a few days and truly tried to make some kind of connection with me. I really appreciate that. Side-note: I want to be very clear that I have ABSOLUTELY taken the wrong approach and have sent these cold messages before. I failed miserably! And I hated doing it.


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