Honest Review: MONAT Hair Products

Honest Review: MONAT Hair Products

The other day, I updated my status asking for suggestions for a new leave-in conditioner. About a million female friends commented with, “MONAT!” Some were Market Partners; some where loyal customers – but one thing was clear: Monat has gained traction in the haircare industry.

And let’s face it – I am blatantly obsessed with my own hair (anyone who knows me knows this to be true!). I take photos of it constantly and shamelessly post on social media “isn’t my hair amazing?” It is. It truly is.

My first thought was DO NOT TRY IT! IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!. Then, someone offered me a sample, and why would I refused? Here is my honest review (I am not a Market Partner…yet….oh god, really?) of the Monat products I’ve tried [disclaimer: I used them all once; this is not meant to be a review of a full 90 day or other prolonged use].

First thing is first: read the postcard that comes with the samples. Monat is a bit different than what I am used to. I assumed you used either the masque or the conditioner – incorrect (it said to use both!). In addition, you shampoo your hair twice. News to me! Here we go…


It lathers, but it does not lather excessively (which I liked). I used *very little* of it to wash my hair. What I loved most, though, is that the stuff rinsed out completely. Look, I’ve tired high end haircare like Paul Mitchell & Frederick Fakaai, and cheap shiz like Pantene and Suave. Point blank, I have never had a shampoo rinse out of my hair like this one. No residue, no greasiness, nothing.


FYI: My hair was pretty knotty. My stepmom is a scalp massage genius, and she gave me a 20 minute scalp massage that day. I couldn’t get a brush through it! Anyway, I applied a small amount of the masque and let it sit on my head for the instructed 5-7 minutes. It pretty much detangled my hair, and again, when I rinsed it out, it did not leave a residue.  Something else I noticed is that it did not seem overly “creamy” if that makes sense. When things are loaded with that creamy-esc junk,  I feel like all they do is cake up and make your hair super greasy the next day.


Believe it or not, this is the product I used the LEAST of! Does anyone else with very long hair feel like they use two bottles of conditioner for everyone one bottle of shampoo? My hair was already pretty manageable from the masque, but the conditioner made it extremely soft and continued to detangle it. It rinsed out easily without buckets of water.

DONE with the wash and condition routine! The end result: I was able to run a fine-tooth comb through my very long hair without one knot in it. I did not use a come or brush the shower to detangle it; I just ran my fingers through it a lot to work the product in everywhere.

I showered at night time, so when I got up in the morning, I immediately noticed that my hair didn’t look quite as frizzy. I straightened it it (dry) and finished the style with the Serum. Unfortunately, I used more than necessary; you really just need a drop or two even if your hair is super long. I also appreciate the instructions to apply it more toward the ends of the hair – oils on the scalp usually don’t go well for me. Through the rainy day, my hair stayed very straight (especially the ends!) despite the strange humidity.

I don’t wash my hair every day. Now over 24 hours after washing, it still doesn’t feel greasy or like it needs washed again. And the ENDS are still straight, which means less heat damage. I usually have to straighten the ends again, but not this time around.


  • PRICE POINT: worth it for the amount of product you have to use, and I am judging based on hair that extends to the middle of my back
  • SCENT: BARELY a scent; nothing that is floral/perfume-like/artificial smelling
  • RESULTS: Starts with one use and likely extends when used consistently
  • WHO SHOULD USE IT: Anyone with hair ;-)!

BONUS: I am 20 weeks pregnant and am strongly against topicals that are made with toxic ingredients. Monat products are free of anything toxic.

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