Running For Two: Entry 2 // 9 WEEKS | Morning Sickness & Running

Running For Two: Entry 2 // 9 WEEKS | Morning Sickness & Running

First off, let’s get something straight: It isn’t morning sickness for most of us. Nah. For many of us, it’s morning sickness in every time zone and it can last all day, by extremely random as far as time-of-day, and sometimes doesn’t even strike until later in the day.

For the most part, my sickness didn’t start until the afternoon. There were definitely a few days were it was all freaking day long though, and that made running tough. It’s been a learning experience so far, and I am hoping that what I learned can also help you.

1. You have to be extremely flexible. It isn’t always going to work. Look, I get it. We are runners. We have a “no excuses” attitude with our sport and beyond. Many of us would never dream of missing a training run or a race unless our legs fell off somehow (and then we’d probably crawl, right?).

However…this is a little different. If you’re suffering from nausea, rest. You will not get anything out of running while feeling like you’re going to throw up the whole time. If you’re vomiting a lot, you could be dehydrated, so why risk dehydrating yourself more?

My typical running schedule used to be Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday. Now, it’s “I will run three days a week” whenever I can. I choose either Saturday or Sunday for long runs, because as luck would have it, I do actually feel good enough at some point during those two days to get a long run in.

Side note: Be cautious of the heat. Don’t go outside and run in direct sunlight and 90 degrees. It isn’t smart when you aren’t pregnant; it definitely isn’t smart while you are.

This took some getting used to for me. I was always pretty structured with my schedule and my distances. By being flexible, I ensure that I still get it done.


2. Get over yourself and carry a big bottle of water. Especially on long runs in the heat, you do *not* want to run out of water, especially if you are or have been nauseated from pregnancy. I used to wear my cute little Flip Belt thing with the tiny square water bottle that fits in one of the slots.

Now? Girl, please. I’m the dork with the 16 oz Dasani who you’d look at and think, “Awww, she must be new to running.” Heck no! I’ve been running for three years and have tried nearly every hand-held hydration device there is, but during my nauseated days, I refuse to find myself without enough water.


3. Stay away from gels. They nauseate you already, remember? If there is any advice I heard as a new runner who was training for a half marathon, it was “The gels are disgusting.” Thankfully, I have always tolerated them regardless of brand or flavor. Now, though, I am in the same boat as everyone else…

Plus, many are full of caffeine, and you want to be careful with that when you’re running for two. I suggest some healthier alternatives that go down easier:

  • Banana chips: Natural sugar, potassium, carbs. You can make these yourself, or you can buy then in most grocery stores. Hint: When you can, make things yourselves. You nix half the sugar and crap that comes in pre-made store-bought items.
  • Dried strawberries: Again…natural sugar, carbs, and bonus – TART. Tart tasting foods and snacks are known to help with nausea. They aren’t sour, but they are definitely tart. Along with the energy boost, you get a nausea remedy. Also quick and easy to make on your own.


I hope my top three tips help you out. As always, you should be as safe as possible when pregnant. Bring your ID with you and an easily accessible card or something-or-other that tells others you’re expecting (at least when it’s not completely obvious). Don’t leave your phone at home. You never know what might happen, and you want to be prepared.



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