Guest Blog: “Run Free” by Daniel Zanatta

Guest Blog: “Run Free” by Daniel Zanatta

The nature around me is all I could ask for. My breath gets heavier at every step, but I know I cannot give up. The fight against failure is the only thing that keeps my body moving hours after hours and takes me to another level of perception.

When I am running on trails, I am not just running; I am experiencing myself in the deepest way possible. The sense of freedom that a single track can give you is indescribable: you are a point, who relentlessly moves forward, despite the difficulties that it encounters. Step after step you conquer the top of the hill and when you look around, you can see all the excuses, all the “what if”that you did not listen to. The landscape offered by the very peak of a mountain is a story of your past: it shows you where you come from. However, truly said, it is also the story of your future, because it installs in you the need for a tougher challenge. A beautiful view is able to gift you with the confidence to take on a goal, which before ascending that mountain seemed a pure dream.

Sooner or later, trail running becomes an addiction. That is the start of what I like to call “the steep life.” Living the steep life means that the biggest portion of your energy is directed towards climbing harder, faster and longer. You start exploring new trails, trying new routes, discovering angles of your backyard that did not exist before. In other words, you begin to lose yourself in the woods.

That is where the magic happens, where all your efforts become secondary to the flow state that you reach. You do not longer run the distance: it is the distance that runs through your veins, it is the soil that connects with you, the roots of the trees that start rocking you like a baby. Those are the moments that I seek every single time I go for a run; “Running for the experience” is my ultimate goal and even if I do not always reach it, when I do I am overwhelmed with the feeling that it is the right thing to do.

In those particular runs, I become aware of who I am.
I encourage everyone to search for this moments, because I firmly believe in their power. Run strong, run fast, but most of all: run free.



Daniel started running in 2014 to lose weight. He ran his  first half Marathon in 2015 and was immediately hooked. It was tough, but he could not wish a better experience for himself. Daniel discovered trail running in the beginning of 2016 and it was a major game changer. He started adventuring more and more in the woods and immediately found a particular connection with the mountains. Daniel considers himself an enthusiast that wants to share his passion for running adventures. He is also contributing to organize a trail race here in Italy that will take place on the 22nd of April.
Outside of running, Daniel studies philosophy at University and work as a freelancer on Fiverr part time while managing a tutoring business. He isgrateful every day to wake up and go after his dreams.
Follow Daniel on Instagram: zanattadaniel!

2 thoughts on “Guest Blog: “Run Free” by Daniel Zanatta

  1. This is fabulous — we get so engrained in our usual routes that we forget running can take on a whole new life when we venture from our comfort zones. Even within city limits Pittsburgh has so much beautiful trail running to offer. Beautiful guest post, thanks! Might lace up my trail running shoes this afternoon!

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    1. Hi Amanda,

      I just saw you comment now. Yes, trail running is an amazing opportunity to experience life at 360 degrees. Thank you for the kind words, now I am heading to the hills.



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