Shin Splints & Brain Splints Just Rollin’ With It

Shin Splints & Brain Splints Just Rollin’ With It

A couple of weeks ago, I began to notice a strange, not so much pain but more like getting the wind knocked out of my lower leg, feeling. When I got up from sitting, it felt like if I put weight on it, my whole lower leg would give out (hence the family foam rolling, complete with the baby doll, in the photo for this post).

I know I am making this sound terrible. My leg is not falling off; promise.

However, I have no doubt that my body has been trying to tell me a thing or to. I’ve never experienced shin pain or anything pain wise in my lower leg. It made me start to think…

I’m going to just cut to the chase here and tell you what I think: Setting time goals any time prior to the Youngstown Marathon, a first year major race that I am directing, is kind of ridiculous. This isn’t a cop-out from the 2:10 I just posted about in my last entry. It’s me understanding that race directing is forcing me to be honest about myself and with myself in so many ways.

Brain splints. I call this brain splints. This is a time in my life where *mentally* and *emotionally* I am meant to learn, learn, learn, grow, develop, be real, try as hard as I have ever tried, throw caution to the wind, forget about a lot of crap that’s useless to even think about, meet fear face to face and maybe even go on a lunch date, and go forward with confidence like I was once able to do before I became a mother and lost it all (different story for a different post).

So…how does this all tie together? Hear me out.

This year, my focus needs to be my business and the Youngstown Marathon. I don’t need a four day or five day weekly training plan that involves a 7 mile tempo run on a random week day. I need a smooth, three-days-per-week, Jeff Galloway run/walk/run + some cookies for snacks training plan. I don’t want to do more than that. I have to be real with myself and with my audience who reads this blog for pure authenticity that’s hard to find on social media.

I need to bask in the the warm waters of confidence and contentment; I’ve missed them. When I first took on this race, I was so overwhelmed that I was snapping out on everyone for everything. Not sure what happened to me in the past 1.5 weeks or so, but it’s almost like I’m the eye of the hurricane of this thing we call “living ambitiously.” Remember: the eye of the hurricane is peaceful while everything around it spins uncontrollably. The funny thing is that the out of control spinning builds the hurricane’s strength and momentum (someone better read this and name a hurricane after me…!).

The truth is, it would make me happy to run three days a week and take some walk breaks. It would make me happy to spend the other nights working on the marathon and building this nifty little “run like a mugger” idea that picked up (more to follow; don’t worry!). I would make me happy to run miles at a pace of 10:42 because you know what? I think anything under 11 is actually pretty damn good, ok?

We recently met with the traffic controller for the City of Youngstown regarding the race. He smiled at me upon presentation of our course, and he confidently told me I would get this thing off the ground. He followed it with, “just roll with it”

And that, my friends, is my current plan. Keep my head high; keep my circle small; keep my miles manageable and enjoyable; keep my determination at 212 degrees fahrenheit, and just roll with it.

PS: If you see a runner someday with a hurricane tattoo and the words “just roll with it,” assume it’s me…

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