Recap: 2016 Akron Half Marathon

For months, I broadcasted a time goal that I knew I probably wasn't entirely ready for: a sub two hour half marathon. Momentarily, part of me thought that I might be able to pull it off, but deep down, I didn't think I was ready. My hope was riding on the race atmosphere, not my ability. … Continue reading Recap: 2016 Akron Half Marathon


Running: The Rebirth Of Oneself

I planned to write some motivational entry to help you make it through your taper. My plans, as you've seen on my Instagram account, were to talk about how my daughter has inspired me so far through the taper for my half marathon in less than a week. That was until I went to the Liberty … Continue reading Running: The Rebirth Of Oneself

My First Encounter with “The Wall”

We often hear distance runners talk about "the wall." You know - the proverbial bricks that keep you from your goals, usually toward the end of a marathon. Honestly, I've only heard people talk about "the wall" in marathon running: "We all hit 'the wall' in mile 20; it's not avoidable." When I started training for … Continue reading My First Encounter with “The Wall”

Taper Toolbox: Keeping Yourself Sane & Healthy Before A Race

Taper weeks affect all runners differently. Some of us enjoy the decreased, easy mileage; others have a hard time taking it easy for the last couple of weeks before a race. Either way, there's a lot more time to think into everything. It can be tempting to want to over-prepare or alter your routine the race, … Continue reading Taper Toolbox: Keeping Yourself Sane & Healthy Before A Race

How To Ruin Your Tempo Run: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ah, tempo runs. The runs where you expect all of your training and hurting and fatigue to show you, to prove to you, that your hard work is paying off and that you can sustain your goal pace for more than four minutes. Will I tell you how to produce a great, rewarding, properly-paced tempo … Continue reading How To Ruin Your Tempo Run: A Step-by-Step Guide