Another Side of Running

Another Side of Running

Since age 27, I’ve loved running. I just fell in love with the sport one day, and that surprised me because I was never one to engage in any athletic activity.

Over the course of two years, I’ve tried so many different things in search of starting something new. I grew up surrounded by successful small business owners. My father owns DiGiorgi Piano Service; my grandfather had a violin making business (self taught…which is CRAY) and opened one of the most well-known hair salons in my home town.

I’ve always had the drive to create something of my own. It seemed that no matter what I learned or what skill I picked up, I had dreams of “doing something” with it. So far, none of those have worked out.

Believe it or not, I tried those “get started today” home business scams (I am calling them scams because I think they’re actually scams). BeachBody, Mary Kay…yep, I tried those. Something enticed me about starting a business, and I was pretty pumped to be able to get started for such a small price.

Turns out that when you do the “home business” things that cost “just 99 dollars to start,” you end up dedicating 70 hours a week to a dead end. People don’t want to pay for overpriced stuff they can get cheaper in the store; it’s that simple. So, I quit, and I quit, and I quit…

It dawned on me that there is, indeed, a business side of running. Races don’t just pop up at exactly 3.1 miles in length on their own. Coaches and trainers don’t become certified to sit around and do nothing. I tried like hell to get into the RRCA Coaching Certification Clinic last year, but it sold out pretty quick. When I found three spots open in Ann Arbor, MI this year, I knew I had to jump on it.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I would do with that certification. Now, I’m making plans to create personalized and coaching to help other people get started in this life-changing sport we call running.

In the midst of registering for the coaching clinic (which takes place this weekend), I was so excitedly surprised to discover that my city, Youngstown, would host its first marathon in June 2017. I already committed to a marathon in March, so I didn’t want to promise one three months later because I don’t want to run myself into the ground. I thought, “what better opportunity to volunteer?”

Alongside the race director and marketing team, I’m going to have my hands in marketing efforts for the first annual Youngstown Marathon. It’s so exciting to learn the inner-workings of a race that is 26.2 miles long, and I can already vouch that those who are planning large races deserve a medal of some kind!

I think this is it, guys. I mean, I know this is it. I don’t anticipate dropping out of the race (pun intended) any time soon.

After my coaching clinic this weekend, I plan to pass the online exam and become First Aid/CPR certified. After that, the gun fires…and I am off!

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