Meet Tofes & Ant: @thewoundedpelicans

Meet Tofes & Ant: @thewoundedpelicans

So, most of us run for a reason, right? Many of us pick races based on causes we feel passionately about, and some of us fundraise for causes we believe in.

Tofes (Christopher) and Ant, two boys living on Australia’s Gold Coast, have taken their passion to an entirely amazing (and albeit, crazy) level. These two runners plan to complete 32 – yes, 32 – endurance events to raise at least 20,000AUD for the Queensland Cancer Council.


Tofes and Ant have known each other since they were 15 years old. Avid travelers, Tofes didn’t hide that their early years consisted of what he called “too much partying.” So, he decided to train for a marathon over the course of four months.

“I became addicted to marathons,” said Tofes, who has run 25 events since his first marathon.

Once he got Ant involved, the two conquered six events together, and they are clearly on their way to more!


This past December, Tofes and Ant decided they wanted to make a difference for those suffering from cancer, and they set a goal to complete at least 12 events. As Tofes humbly stated, he and Ant chose cancer because there are so many people, from all walks of life, who suffer from this terrible epidemic that has no cure.

Tofes and Ant knew they would gain a lot of exposure, both visually and on social media, as they completed their journey.

“If we are going to do 12-24 events, we are going to get some exposure, and why not help people along the way?”

And just like that, the two are on their way! They completed their 19th event on Sunday – a full marathon. As this race fell on the weekend of Australia’s Daffodil Day, Tofes and Ant were dressed in FULL daffodil attire.


Running at least 32 endurance events in a year takes a toll on the body. Tofes and Ant are no exception.

Tofes has suffered from Patella Tendonitis in the past, and since then, he has added swimming to his cross-training: “As much as [I] love running, it’s always good to change it up.”

Tofes and Ant stay highly motivated by remembering why they started: “We have a vision. We want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone. We’ve gone from party boys to ultra runners. If [our story] gets someone off the couch to do a 5K, that sends a good message.”


Tofes and Ant have some large feats on their running bucket list! Together, the two would like to complete the Mount Everest Marathon, Antarctica 100k, Great Wall Marathon, North Pole Ultra, and the Kakoda WWII 60 mile climb/trail.

For them, half marathons have becoming training runs.

In addition to taking on some of the toughest events around the globe, Tofes and Ant would also like to compete in several more marathons, ultra marathons, triathlons, stair climb challenges, and paddle board races.

They even want to run from the Gold Coast to Syndey – a 950K route!


Tofes and Ant don’t just want to raise 20,000AUD – they want to crush that. Donations to benefit the Queensland Cancer Council, via these two amazing runners, can be made on their Everyday Hero site.

You can keep up with Tofe and Ant via the following:

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and Tofes and Ant embody that. Happy running and good luck, Wounded Pelicans!

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