Go Long – My “Hail Mary”Training Plan

Go Long – My “Hail Mary”Training Plan

I have gone back and forth for a while now: Do I keep up with Hansons? Do I surrender and go back to Jeff Galloway? Do I try something new altogether? I found myself unable to make a decision about a training plan.

That’s when I realized a few things…

Training plans are a guide. I say that with 50% conviction. I think that the more you can follow them, the better – but a standard plan means that we are all standard runners, and that just isn’t the case. I think that once you have enough knowledge about yourself as a runner and understand the type of goal you’re after, you can alter training plans.

Which brings me to my next point – my goal isn’t as ambitious as I thought it was. I’m not trying to BQ…I really just want to run a sub 2 half marathon, which is 9 minutes per mile. The only reason this seems like a giant feat for me is because I’m making it into one. It’s a mental thing. When I strip myself of the “I really can’t do this” junk, I run miles that are below my goal pace.

And finally, I’ve gone back and forth so much that any standard plan is out of the question. My race is 8 weeks away (LOL). I can’t start an 18, 16, 12, or 10 week plan now. I mean, I could…but the benefits that any plan projects are only viable if the plan is truly followed…so, why start one now?

That is why…(drum roll)…I have created the “Hail Mary” Half Marathon Plan. This plan is the result of someone who is indecisive, is too hard on herself, tries to control everything, and has thrown her hands up in there ready to just “do it” and see what happens.

I’m totally throwing a Hail Mary pass at this point. My running friend, and creator of the blog All In Strides, played a big roll in helping me throw this pass and come up with a last minute plan. I’ve taken 99.9% of his suggestions (Sorry Jeph…not 100%…) in hopes of crossing the finish line sub 2.

Time will tell…

Have you ever thrown a Hail Mary in your running career? Tell me about it!

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