The “Last, First Last” – An Open Letter

Dear Mother Who Changed Three Diapers While Screaming At Her Kids Before The Race, To answer your question, yes – this is “it.” This strong willed, soft-hearted girl is “it” for me. I’m used to hearing “time for another one yet?” and “Aww, you have to have one more!” So, your over-used comments and your … Continue reading The “Last, First Last” – An Open Letter


Sockless, Sore, & Satisfied: Form Work At Its Finest

When I began my running career, I went into it just assuming my legs would do great things. The right things. The textbook things. I mean...they're legs. They had one job: to run. I didn't think there was a way to screw it up, until someone mentioned the almighty "form" word. I thought to myself, … Continue reading Sockless, Sore, & Satisfied: Form Work At Its Finest

Two Year Runversary: My Very First, Very Slow First Mile Ever

August 24, 2014. I just purchased the cheapest jogging stroller I could find. I was wearing 26 dollar Nike "running shoes" from the Footlocker clearance rack. I also wore a sports bra that was too tight, a shirt that wasn't made for working out, and I didn't bring any water because it was "just a … Continue reading Two Year Runversary: My Very First, Very Slow First Mile Ever

Purpose Beyond Pace

Every runner knows how easy it is to get "caught up" in any number of things. Am I running at conversational pace? Are my tempo runs long enough? Am I doing myself a disservice if I don't speed train this week? Am I a bad runner if I shave a mile off of my long run? … Continue reading Purpose Beyond Pace

Recap: RRCA Coaching Certification Course

You've probably figured this out, but just in case, that's our class photo! Our Road Runners Club of America Run Coach Certification course took place in The Cube of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'd never been to Ann Arbor, so my family and I were happy to be there (after the 3.5 hour drive). Among us … Continue reading Recap: RRCA Coaching Certification Course

Another Side of Running

Since age 27, I've loved running. I just fell in love with the sport one day, and that surprised me because I was never one to engage in any athletic activity. Over the course of two years, I've tried so many different things in search of starting something new. I grew up surrounded by successful … Continue reading Another Side of Running

Meet @hiphop10k Founders – Freddie & Denise

When two fitness-minded, business-minded people get together...the possibilities are endless. Freddie and Denise, the founders of the Bay Area's Hip Hop 10k Run, put their powers together to create a one-of-a-kind fitness experience for runners of all skill levels. Whether you're looking to set a PR on a certified course, briskly walk, or fun-run and … Continue reading Meet @hiphop10k Founders – Freddie & Denise